Canaries’ new owner may get a ‘southern feel’

Canaries owner Mike Rowe may get some southern flair when he buys the Canaries.

Rowe has said he wants the Canarians to be “more like a southern football club.”

The new owners, whose ownership group includes former San Jose Sharks general manager Doug Wilson and longtime owner Mark Hughes, are expected to be in the market for a new stadium.

Canaries officials said they’re looking to bring back a major brand that helped them win the Stanley Cup.

Rowes has a history of trying to make the NHL’s most profitable franchise.

He purchased the New York Islanders in 2010, but then sold them to Brooklyn for $5.7 billion in 2019.

He then spent more than $100 million to build the Washington Capitals franchise, which was the NHL Finals’ biggest market-to-market flop.

The team was sold to Comcast SportsNet in 2020.

Rowett said in a statement that he plans to invest in the Canary Islands as part of his plan to “take our sport to the next level and create an organization that can compete with the NHL, MLB and NBA in all aspects.”

“We are proud to be an owner in the Canadian city of Hamilton, Ontario, and proud of the fact that our players and staff are so passionate about their sport,” he said.

“The Canaries have an opportunity to go into the next chapter of their hockey history and have the chance to build a brand that is synonymous with our sport in Canada and around the world.”

Rowe said he’s also looking to expand Canaries-specific revenue streams.

In 2018, the Canarian’s TV revenue was $2.6 million.

The revenue is expected to increase to about $4 million this season.

Canary officials said in their statement that Rowe is focused on investing in the islands’ infrastructure and player base, and that his investment will help the Canarias make “major strides in the next decade.”

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