How to get the most out of Chrome Canary Canary

Google Chrome Canary is finally here!

It’s the last major update before the next major release.

You can try out the new Canary now in Chrome Canary preview mode by following these instructions.

You’ll need to restart Chrome Canary for this process to take place.

If you’re a developer, this is a great time to release a new feature to your browser and let people know about it.

To learn more about Canary, check out the official Chrome Canary documentation or get started with the Canary Preview.

The Canary is also available as a Chrome Canary install on Google’s Chrome Web Store.

If there’s a Chrome OS developer preview available on your device, this will be the only way to get Canary on your machine.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Canary as it becomes available to everyone.

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