How to make a canary red dress

Canaries are the hottest red dress on the market today and they’re easy to make!

It’s a must have for any summer wedding or special event!

The red dress is the perfect fit for summer wedding season and a must for a summer party! 

I can’t stress enough how versatile this dress is!

It is a must wear for any wedding and party and can be worn in many ways.

I like to wear it with a bright orange or grey dress and in a navy blue skirt.

It can also be worn with a white or a black dress, but if you want to be more daring, try a grey dress or black dress. 

For more ideas on how to make this summer red dress, check out my article on the canary canary dress.

You can also find a range of other fun holiday dresses on my Holiday Dress Shop. 

To get started, check here for some ideas on making your own festive red dress.

I like to use a simple pattern for my red dress because it’s easy to follow and the colour matches perfectly with other colors and fabrics I use for other items.

I’m a big fan of simple patterns and I love using them in my home décor.

I make up a range in my shop of colourful patterns that are all made from recycled materials.

You can also check out the Christmas canary dress pattern for inspiration.

The best part of making a canaries red dress are the colours.

You could have the perfect red dress with a stunning colour palette, but it’s much more fun to go for a more neutral and simple look. 

You can choose between two different colours, black and white, which will create a subtle colour shift in the dress.

My favourite way to wear a canarians red dress would be with a black turtleneck, a grey or grey and white sweater and a grey scarf.

I love wearing a grey sweater and black t-shirt for this look, which gives the dress a very festive touch.

I always wear a matching pair of black boots for this seasonal red dress so that I’m not too much of a fashion statement.

I also love a black or grey knit skirt for this dress.

For a more casual look, try wearing a white dress with an orange dress and a white shirt.

You might also want to wear something light and comfy like a simple white jacket for this autumn dress.

Finally, if you’re going to wear this red dress for a family wedding, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing a black leather jacket with a long skirt to add a bit of style to the look.

You also can use a matching black tuxedo jacket for a less formal look.

You can buy all of my patterns for canaries red dress on my Holidays Shop for just £5.99. 

Happy shopping!

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