Canard, donna and their children: Canard’s son, Donna Canarias, takes over as CEO of Canard magazine

CANARD, B.C. — A CANARD Magazine/Canard’s annual celebration of its 50th anniversary, which takes place this month, is celebrating its 50-year anniversary with a big event at the company’s Vancouver headquarters.

Canard founder Donna and her family will be among the guests at the annual event, which will also include a concert by Canard and Canard Canada.

“The Canard family will play a major role in the celebration,” Canard president and CEO Alissa Hurd said in a statement.

Canard magazine is celebrating 50 years on Feb. 6.

In addition to the annual Canard Awards and the 50th Anniversary of the magazine, Canard has held two other special events this year: the 50-Year Anniversary of its sister publication, The Canard , which celebrates its 25th anniversary on Feb 9, and the annual International Canard Day celebration, which marks the 50 years since the publication was launched.

The Canards family is well known across the globe.

The Canards have appeared in many international and Canadian media, including The Canadian Press, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, CTV, CBC, CraveTV and CBC News Network.

Read more about Canard:Canard is a Canadian-owned and operated magazine specializing in lifestyle, sport, music, arts and entertainment.

It’s the fourth-most visited Canadian news website, with nearly 100 million monthly unique visitors.

It was founded in 1976 by a couple from Toronto, Canada.

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