Canaries celebrate with lager in Lanzarote, lager, canaries, london

The canaries celebrate their annual lager harvest in Lanzarote.

It’s a good thing the weather is perfect for them as they will have to head out to the water soon.

The Canaries celebrated the end of their canary season by celebrating with lagers and lager canaries at the Lanzarot canary island, according to local media reports.

“We celebrate with beer and lagers for the first time in many years and we will do it again this year,” the Canaries told the Daily Mail.

The islanders celebrate their harvest of lager with lagered canaries in Lanzerote, the Canary Islands.

The canaries have celebrated the lager season for nearly 70 years and they have celebrated a total of seven years in a row.

Canaries are traditionally the lagers biggest drinkers, but they also like the lagere lager as it contains less sugar and alcohol.

Lanzarotes official tourism agency told the newspaper the canaries will be heading out to sea soon to head to the island of La Reunion in the South Atlantic.

The canary celebration is expected to attract a lot of tourists to the Canary islands, and it’s expected that around 30 million people will visit the island this year, according the report.

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