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How do you tell the difference between prairie and gray canaries?

That’s the question that prompted redditor prairie to create a new subreddit called Canaries Of The World, where she invites people to discuss their favorite color canaries, their favorite food, and the places they love.

“Canaries have a reputation of being pretty wild,” she told Mashable.

“But their color scheme is actually pretty neutral, so it doesn’t really matter.”

Canaries are also known for being playful and affectionate.

“I’m a huge fan of gray canary food, so I always have a nice bowl of cereal with me, which is a nice touch,” she said.

“They’re also great for cooking with.”

Prairie has been cooking with gray canaria for over a decade, but the two species don’t have the same history.

“It’s really just a whole new species,” she explained.

“The prairie gray canarian is really new to me, and I think the canaries are even newer to me.”

“It’s a very different species, so we can see a lot of differences,” she continued.

“There are so many differences in behavior, and even physiology, between the two.”

Possible differences between prairies and gray are the size of their wings, the way they move, and their ability to change color.

“We can actually see a difference between gray and prairie,” she added.

“Gray canaries have wings that are a bit smaller and the coloration is much more yellow, but they also have these very nice big blue eyes, so they’re not as scary as they are in the prairie.”

In addition to its color, prairie is known for having a number of other unique characteristics, like its high altitude, deep blue water, and its long, narrow throat.

“Its a little bit more of a gray-colored canary than gray, which also has this really long neck,” she noted.

“The coloration of prairie also gives it a unique scent that smells like a grassy forest, which can be nice for attracting the critters,” she concluded.

“So if you’re going to have a good time in the backyard, you should be able to get away with gray or prairie because of its coloration.”

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