Why is the pitbull presca canario a canary?

There is a popular belief that the canary is actually the most beloved of all the canaries, but there are also some who say that the two are more closely related.

The canary, which was named after the canter’s nest where the female canary was born, was the first bird to have its own nest.

In ancient Egypt, the canaria was known as the canarion nest, the nest of the god Amenhotep III.

This is believed to be the origin of the term “canary,” which is a combination of the Greek word cana meaning “bird” and the Latin word canarius, meaning “coveted.”

Canaries were considered sacred animals and had an important role in Egyptian religion.

Canaries have also been the symbols of both Christianity and Judaism.

The Egyptian word for canary comes from the Greek kanthos meaning “white,” and the Greek letter can was used to designate the bird.

The word canary canary could also mean “white bird,” “bird of God,” “bitter-sweet” or “sweet-tempered.”

According to the Encyclopedia of Mythology, canaries were a symbol of wisdom and justice.

Canary couldary, an ancient Egyptian bird, was often used as a symbol for the goddess Diana, who was known for her beauty and beauty of her feathers.

It was believed that she was the goddess of the sun and the seasons.

Canaria, the ancient Greek goddess of fertility and the hunt, was a symbol representing the goddess Athena.

The symbol canaria, meaning bird of the forest, can also mean the sun or the sun god, according to the New York Times.

Canaris canariensis, canary bird, a symbol associated with the canarian region in western Africa, is a species of the family Canidae, which means “wild-caught bird.”

The name canaris canarius canari, meaning wild-cawed bird, comes from a combination the word canari meaning “wild” and canariis meaning “canaries.”

Canaris species have the ability to be trained to hunt and hunt for food.

Canariensis species are known for their sharp, long, razor-sharp beaks and are used for food, but they can also be used as traps and as an anti-predator.

They also have a tendency to bite and eat other animals.

Canarians are the only birds of the Canidae family that are considered venomous.

They are the second-most venomous species of birds after the red-headed woodpecker.

Canarian species are the most venomous in the world and can kill up to 90 percent of humans within two weeks of exposure to venom.

Canariums can be used for a variety of purposes.

They can be a home for animals, particularly snakes, spiders, mice and birds, according the National Museum of Natural History.

They were used to trap and kill rats and rabbits and to trap birds and snakes for bait.

They may also be a way to keep unwanted animals in captivity, the Smithsonian wrote.

Canarions are also used in animal medicine.

They use the venom to treat diseases, including rabies, and have been used to treat cancer, epilepsy and diabetes.

Canario canaris are sometimes referred to as the “canari,” because of the similarity in their beaks.

Canarius canaria canarii, canarios canariens, canaris is a family of venomous birds.

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