How to Use the Canary Tokens for Advertisers

The canary tokens, which are the main tokens that are used to buy ads on Chrome and other browsers, are now in circulation in several countries including the UK, Germany, Brazil and France.

Canary tokens are also used to support a new kind of digital advertising: they’re being used to allow advertisers to run automated ad campaigns without humans even knowing the ads are being run.

“This token is used to help advertisers monetize the experience that they provide to the user,” explains Brian Murphy, a product manager at the company that is building the Canaries.

“Canary Tokens can be used to deliver personalized content to users.”

Murphy says the company is currently working on a feature that will allow advertisers with over $10 million in revenue to run ads for as little as $0.01 per user per month, and it will roll out to more countries later this year.

The Canaries also plan to make it easier for advertisers to use the tokens in their ad campaigns, with the aim of “reducing the friction for the advertisers in their own ads, and allowing them to leverage a token to monetize their ad experience”.

While the Canarians aim to make ad campaigns more accessible and easy for users to use, Murphy says they also want to improve their platform to make the tokens even more attractive to advertisers.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Canarian tokens, you can read more about them in the official announcement.

Source: Next Big Futures

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