How to get rid of a canary’s cage

You’ve just spent hours on a plane and have no idea where you’re going to land, but if you’ve been living on the canary island of Canary Cove for the past few weeks you know that the canaries can actually do something you can’t do anywhere else in the world.

The Canary Islands are home to the world’s largest population of canaries and, according to some scientists, are home for the world in terms of population density.

The island’s population density of around 3.4 birds per square mile is just a bit below that of the U.S. mainland and just over a third that of Australia, which is considered to be a more “crowded” island.

Canary Islands, which also have a history of volcanic eruptions and a lot of volcanic activity, is also home to a number of different species of birds, and they’re all pretty unique.

Some are even named after them.

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