Black Canary Smallville Premiere: Black Canary and the Black Canary’s Egg and Other Adventures

The Black Canary is back in season 3, and the episode titled Black Canary: Egg and the Other Adventures will be the final chapter of the first season.

The episode airs on Monday, February 15 at 9pm ET on the CW.

The episode also stars Amanda Seyfried as Black Canary, Sara Lance as Black Adam, Adrianne Palicki as Canary, Diane Lane as Canary’s Mother, Adam Nash as Black Hal Jordan, Jaimie Alexander as Black Jack O’Malley, David Ramsey as Black John, and David Harewood as Black Thomas Malone.

The Black Canary returns in Black Canary II: Black Cat on Tuesday, February 17 at 8:30pm ET/PT on the DC Television Network.

Watch the trailer below:Watch Black Canary Season 3: Black Egg and other Adventures below:

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