Why a $2bn investment can save $400bn in the next 10 years

A $2.5bn investment in a canary nest could save $40bn in 10 years, according to the investment management firm Canarie Capital Group.

The $1.2bn, $1bn and $1b investments were announced on Wednesday by Canarie chairman Paul Schoen.

In a statement on Thursday, Schoen said that the investment is being made with a “high level of confidence” and that the money will be invested into a network of small businesses.

“The canary has been a great asset for the Canary Network and its clients,” he said.

“It’s a critical asset in a global economy, which is now facing the challenges of globalisation, technological disruption, rising sea levels, and the looming threat of climate change.”

Mr Schoen added that the canary network is a catalyst for the network’s other assets, such as its digital assets.

“Our investment strategy will focus on a series of investments that can deliver significant dividends over the next ten years,” he wrote.

“With our network, businesses can focus on growing their revenue, improving their operational efficiency, and providing better service to their customers.”

The canaries, or canary nests, are built on an open platform of water, vegetation and other natural resources, and can only be harvested from the sea.

Canary Nest’s stock, which has risen about 30 per cent in the last year, is currently trading at $1,919.50.

Canarie is the largest private investment firm in Australia.


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