How to get the perfect shot of shawn-canary, a species of rare bird found only in Australia

Scientists have found shawn and canary in an area of western Australia with a high concentration of the bird.

The discovery, which will be published in the journal Biological Conservation, shows that shawns and canaries are being found in the same area as other species, and shows the importance of a good, clean-cut shot for identification.

“There are lots of species of birds in the area that we think may be endemic to this area, but we’re not really sure,” said Dr Rachel McNeill from the University of New South Wales, who led the study.

“We know there are lots more endemic birds in that area, and we’ve only seen the shawn, but if we’re lucky we can catch a few more.”

These are a really rare species, so it’s very exciting to see a little bit of their range in Australia.

“Shawns are small birds with black and white stripes and white and yellow feet.

Canaries are larger birds with red-orange or yellow wings.

The researchers also found a pair of small white sandhill cranes, a bird that is very common in this area and one of the most abundant species of cranes in the world.”

It’s very rare to find them in Australia,” Dr McNeill said.”

They are very common and they are very beautiful, but these are the only species of sandhill crane that are endemic to the area.

“So they’re really rare.”

The researchers say the findings will help researchers better understand the ecology and behaviour of these birds in this part of the world, and will help the conservation of birds and other animals.

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