What’s in the new canary?

CNN Health — Health care workers, their families and patients can now look up the exact date and time they were treated by the US Food and Drug Administration for their first dose of flu shots, CNN Health has learned.

As the date of the first shot becomes more and more clear, the search will be enhanced with the time and date the patient was treated.

It will now be easier to find out how long they were on the medication, the dose and how long before they had to take a second dose.

The FDA has also created a tool to help patients who want to find that out.

If you’re looking for the exact time of your first dose, go to: The FDA’s Flu Shot Information Guide can help you find the date and the dose of your flu shot.

You can also see your last dose at the time you received it and the last dose you took on your birthday, birthdays or other special occasions.

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