How to make a canary’s nest

Canary chicks make their own nest on a small tree branch, but the nest is just as important as the bird in the nest.

The nest is a key ingredient in the life of a young canary.

“They make their nest out of branches and rocks,” says Dr. John Lutz, the senior scientist for the Center for Birds of Prey at the Smithsonian Institution.

“That’s where the feathers come in, and that’s where they’re able to move about.”

Lutz says the nest of a canaries can provide the nestlings with the food and protection they need to grow.

The feathers, feathers and feathers nest on the branches that are the birds main food source.

Lutz explains that when they are young, canaries will use the branches for a nesting site.

“Their nest is like a hole in the ground that they can crawl through,” he says.

“It’s really hard to find.”

When a canaros nest is large enough, they will leave their nest.

But the canaries won’t leave their own, and when a nest is smaller, they’ll leave their parents nest.

“The nest is the only food source for them,” Lutz said.

“If you have a lot of birds living on a single tree, you’re going to get problems with that.”

So, the canary does what it does best — make a nest.

If a nest has not been made, the birds are at risk of being eaten by a predator like a raccoon.

Lutsts team of scientists will be releasing a live canary at the end of July.

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