How to pronounce Priti Patel’s dog Presa canaria

POLITICO Magazine is offering a $25 credit to anyone who can pronounce Piva Patel’s Presa Canaria “p-rae-vee-r” in a caption on its website.

The caption is part of a series of tweets that the canine companion has tweeted this week.

The P-raes, pronounced “p” by Piva, was born in March 2016, but Piva is only about six weeks old, according to the tweets.

Piva’s first tweet, posted Thursday, said: “I’ve just found my best friend.

Thank you for the gift, P-RAe-Vee.”

The caption was part of the Piva Canaria Canine Facebook page.

P-vaes first tweet said: #MyBestFriend #P-RAes #Piva #PritiPatel#praeveeres — Pritik Patel (@pritikpatel) August 25, 2018 Piva has also tweeted about the story of a new puppy that has recently arrived at her home.

“I just bought my first puppy.

He’s a P-VAE-voo,” she wrote on Monday.

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of the puppy.

“P-VAEs a PRAE-veer,” Piva said on Tuesday.

Pritix, who has also previously posted about her canine companions, has been a supporter of the animal advocacy group PETA since its inception in 2014.

The group has long championed animals in need, including pit bulls and stray dogs.

PETA has raised more than $3.7 million for PETA’s efforts, according, according an estimate by the organization.

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