Chroma Canary: ‘The World Is My Home’

We’re going to try and make the same mistake we did with Canary, which was to say that, well, the world is my home, and it is, and I will be there.

Canary is an animated series created by The Chroma Team that follows the adventures of a cute little girl named Canary in search of a mysterious blue canary.

As the show grows in popularity, the team is now looking to adapt the story for the big screen.

The first season will be a limited series that will air on Netflix, but the team will also be releasing the first season on the internet later this year.

The Chromas team told Polygon, “The first season is not limited in time, and the second season will premiere this fall on Netflix.

We’ve got some cool stuff planned for the third season that we can’t reveal right now, but we are super excited to get back to the ground floor of the project with you, fans.”

The Chromapro team also told Polygon that the team has a very ambitious goal for the project, “We are aiming to make the first two seasons a reality, which will be released by the end of 2019.”

What can you expect from the Chromaprop project?

As part of the Chroma project, Canary and her friends will travel around the world in search for the blue canaries.

It is the second animated series from the team, after the first, but it is set in the future.

The show will follow Canary on a journey to find the blue-capped canary and help the poor little girl of the day, who is not very good at math, solve some of the most complicated math problems of the world.

There will be characters from all walks of life and a wide variety of genres and social classes.

Canaries journey will include a lot of travelling, including through the mountains of Northern California and the ocean in the Pacific.

“Canary will be living the best life possible and not worry about the little things that will affect her life,” said Canary’s creator, Justin Pemberton.

“She will be able to go to the movies, visit her friends, and watch TV with her family, all while learning a whole lot about her life and her family’s lives.

We want to keep it grounded in reality and really push the boundaries of what animation can do, and we are doing that by creating a show that is based in the real world.”

The show is being produced by Canary Team, who will also produce the animated series, as well as other independent projects that can be seen on their website.

Cany has been a hit on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, and fans have been waiting to see what the next season will look like.

Will it be more of the same?

Will we be seeing the same characters, same situations, or new characters?

Will the Chromas show have more humor, more twists, or will we see even more of Canary?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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