Canary current,canaries in hot water,black cat costume

King size canaries in a hot water costume, the black cat costume and the canary current were all featured in a viral video.

The video, posted on Snapchat by a person named King, shows the canaries wearing black clothing, a mask and a wig.

The canaries’ costume includes black fur, as well as black feathers and black feathers on their heads and tails.

The King, who goes by KingMighty in the video, said he took the costume to a barbershop and wore it to the barbers.

He said he was told by the barber to get rid of the black feathers.

KingMighty said he has since received hundreds of messages and emails from people who are angry about the costume.

King said the costume is just something he wears when he goes to bars and clubs.

He hopes it will raise awareness for people with autism spectrum disorders, a mental disorder characterized by severe limitations in social interaction and communication.

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