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Canary Island Basketball canary islands,a tropical basketball island in the Caribbean Sea,is located in the Bahamas, and has a large population of young and old.

The island’s basketball team has been in the process of playing in the United States since 2007.

It is the only Caribbean basketball team in the world.

Canary island basketball is a game where the ball is dropped from a canary onto a basketball hoop, with the goal of scoring points.

The team is based on the island of Canary and plays in a league called Canary Islands Basketball League.

The game has two main phases: a regular season and playoffs.

The playoffs, which have been held annually since 2009, are played every year in the spring.

During the regular season, teams play five games and the winner is crowned the team’s most successful season.

The finals are played in the fall.

The Canary Isles Basketball League is the first basketball league in the Americas.

After the season, the Canary Islanders basketball team receives $100,000 for the winner of the championship.

The winning team also gets $10,000.

The player who gets the most points during the playoffs wins $5,000 and a second place team gets $3,000 each.

Canaries are the only country in the US that has a regular-season basketball league.

It is a national sport, and can be played by players of any age.

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