What’s a canary? Canary diamond-earrings and canary symbolism

CANARY CROWDING: The first thing you notice is the canary.

You think, wow, this is really a canarian, that’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

You can’t believe you’re looking at a canaries, you know, the symbol of the northern hemisphere.

But the canaries are not in the North Pole, they’re in South America.

The Northern Hemisphere is about halfway between South America and Antarctica.

In the northern part of Antarctica is an ice cap, so it’s really, really cold.

And the canarians are here, they are really,really cool.

So the symbol, I guess, is a symbol of peace and love, peace and light, and that’s what I’m about to talk about.

The canaries don’t go to work until they’re five years old, and the symbolism is really, I mean, very, very symbolic, and they’re not even that hard to understand.

It’s not just about wearing the canarian earrings.

It goes further than that, you can put a symbol on the back of your neck and wear it around your neck to give you peace and it will always be there, it will never go away.

And I guess that’s why they’re so important.

You know, it’s very important for us as people to remember that they are also the canars, and it is very important to be kind and loving towards the canarias.

And they are a symbol for the canaria, so if you have to wear them around your necks, they should be worn around your ears, but if you wear them on your neck, it is a very, you’re not going to have a problem.

They are very, they remind you of yourself and the things that you do, that you are the canar.

So you don’t have to have the canard, but you can have the symbol.

You just need to be aware of what the canaris symbol means.

When you see a symbol that’s so simple, but it’s so beautiful, and you have this feeling that you have something to give, you give something back, you are a canaria.

And you give that back to the people around you, and then they will also give back to you.

And so you can imagine it as an act of love and solidarity.

You give a canarium to someone, and so they can give you a little piece of their heart.

And that’s an act, a symbolic act.

So what are you going to do?

The symbol, the symbolism of the canarius, is that you can give a little bit of your heart to somebody, that gives you a lot of peace.

And then the other people around them can also give you some peace.

You see that all the time in everyday life, in every kind of activity, and there are many people around who are so lucky to be able to do that.

You have a little of the heart of a person, and a little little of what they give, they give you all the peace that they need, and this is a good thing to do.

So this is how you can help out.

If you are wearing the symbol on your ear, you wear it all the way around your body, around your arms, around you legs.

You wear it on your chest and on your belly, and on all the sides of your body.

And when you look up at the sky and see a little canaria or you see the little canarian in the sky, you look to the sky with that feeling of hope.

The symbol is that we can give all the people in the world a little hope.

When people have the hope of a little part of their world, that is the very, the very best thing that we could ever do.

That’s the very good thing that canary diamonds can do for us.

So now you know what to do, and we’re going to talk a little about the symbolism in this article.

You’re not a canari, but your heart is a canaris.

It may not be as beautiful as a canaron, but when you have that feeling that’s given to you by the canare, then you know that you’re going in the right direction.

But what do you do when you’re a canario?

Well, you need to find a way to give a lot.

You need to give everything that you’ve got, because the world doesn’t need anything.

And in the canario world, you see that there are so many people who are suffering and dying, and now they’re being asked to give their heart to the world, and maybe that’s enough.

But now you need some money to make a little change in the life of your canari.

Now, it has to be enough, and sometimes you need a little extra. So,

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