How to pronounce the Canary Islands size

The Canary Islands are a group of islands that are situated about 30 miles north of Santiago, Chile.

They are also known as Canaries in the Canary region, and are part of the Spanish province of Canaries.

This island in the north is home to the largest island, Canary Creek, and the largest waterfall, Canaries Puna.

Canaries is also the name of the island where the Canaries airport is located.

This is a short description of the islands location, which includes: Canaries (Spanish: Canarians) is a small Spanish archipelago located in the South Pacific Ocean.

Canary Islands (Spanish for “canaries”) is a Spanish archival name for the island of Canary, about 30 kilometers north of the town of Canaria, in the Spanish Canary region.

This name is an approximation of the Latin pronunciation of the name, Canaria.

Canarian islands are located in a region of the northern Pacific Ocean known as the Canary Channel.

In addition to being the largest of the Canary islands, Canarians is also one of the most famous.

It is the largest and most famous archipelagewealth of the Atlantic.

Canarians famous beaches include Canaries Lagoon, Canarian Island, Canarias Bight, and Canarian Reef.

It also has a few other notable beaches.

Canaria is one of those islands where the sea is not very cold, making it the perfect place for a beach holiday.

In fact, there is even a popular beach in Canaria called the Golden Lagoon.

Canaris famous scenery includes the Canari Islands and the canary forests of the area.

The Canaries famous beaches are also the main attraction.

Canarians canary trees are among the tallest in the world.

They reach more than 50 meters (160 feet).

Canaris most famous waterfalls are the Golden Bays of the Canarian Islands.

The Golden Bases are the longest waterfall in the Mediterranean Sea.

The waters in the Golden Bay are known for being extremely beautiful.

This waterfall is one the best known in the World.

The most famous canary tree is the Canaris Bight.

In some parts of Canarian, there are several other trees, such as the Golden Tree and Golden Oak, that are popular with tourists.

The name canarians most famous mountain is the Mount Canaris.

The Mount Canarians peak is known for the largest canary in the Atlantic, the Canarians Puna Mountain.

Canares famous restaurants include the Canaras Bistro, which has a number of canarian dishes.

The restaurant is located on Canaria Island.

The island of Canary also has its own cuisine, especially seafood, especially the Canaria Oysters.

There are several restaurants and tourist attractions that are located within the area of Canaris such as Canaria Cafe, Canarias Café, Canaris Museum, Canarius Market, Canario Café, the Puna Café, and other tourist attractions.

Canare also has an abundance of sea life, and there are many beaches and canaries to explore.

Canario also has many hiking trails.

It has the longest route of the three islands, from the North of the North Island, to the South of the South Island, which is approximately 7.8 miles (13 kilometers) in length.

Canarios most famous beaches, which are famous for their many canary waterfalls, are the Punta Canaria Beach, Canarinas Beach, and Golden Lagons.

In terms of beaches, Canarie also has some of the best surfing beaches in the Caribbean.

Canarie’s beaches have an excellent surfing scene, as they are located close to the shore.

It was also the location for the first surfing contest in the Americas in 1903, and has the oldest surfboard in the Western Hemisphere.

This was one of many events, such in Canarian as the Canario Cup, that were held throughout the islands history.

Canaire is also famous for its many canaries.

In the northern part of Canario, there have been many islands with many canarias.

The canary island is named after the legendary island of Biscay, where the first recorded recorded surfers were found.

It now serves as a tourist attraction and is considered one of Europes most important tourist attractions and also the world’s largest coral reef.

Canar is also known for its small islands, known for their beautiful scenery.

In particular, Canaro is a popular spot for people who are looking for an island to vacation.

The first canary was established in 1928.

Since then, it has become one of Canarians most popular tourist attractions, with over 3 million visitors annually.

The islands largest island is Canariades Bight and the most popular island for surfing is the Golden Beach, the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

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