How to watch David Cameron’s ‘Canary Song’ – with the BBC

“I’ll never forget that day, the day I got a message on my mobile phone from my friend, she said, ‘David Cameron has said the canary is dead, it’s time for the canaries to go home.’

It was the first time I had ever heard a prime minister say that to a reporter.”

The former PM’s official spokeswoman, Gisela Stuart, said the message was not “a condemnation” but “a reminder that we are still living in the old world and that the canarian song is still being played in the corridors of power”.

Ms Stuart said: “The prime minister is very aware that his message of hope and optimism was not resonating with the majority of the public and he has made clear his intent to reverse course.”

But in doing so he has failed to make the public aware of the fact that the prime minister’s message of optimism has been overshadowed by the very real consequences of the failure to deliver on his promises.””

This message of support from the PM is also being overshadowed by other messages that the PM has made that are more directly connected to his own record of failure.

“In response to the controversy, a spokesman for the BBC said: ‘The Prime Minister’s message is about hope and the hope is about a change of course and change of leadership.’

The BBC said the broadcaster was “aware of the significance” of the canard but that it would be inappropriate to comment further until the issue was resolved.

The PM said the former Conservative leader had “done a lot to help the country”.”

It’s not been easy but the truth is the country was better off without him, but the country has not been better off with him,” he said.

The former Prime Minister also said he believed the issue of the prime ministers office was “a bit of a political football” that could be resolved.”

He said the issue could be settled by “going back to the very beginning, going back to a different kind of government”.”

And I think you can see that it’s all a bit of an ‘if only’ debate.”

He said the issue could be settled by “going back to the very beginning, going back to a different kind of government”.

The former prime minister said the UK should not be seen as a “nation state” and that there was a need to recognise the “big picture” and “move forward”.

“The country is moving in the right direction and we need to move forward,” he added.

The canary was first played by David Cameron in 2011.

It is performed by a canary at the start of the song, which is then played by a person who says, “I’ve heard of the will of the people”.

In 2015, former British prime minister David Cameron said he would not be returning to politics after the election.

“I’m not going back into politics because I don’t think it’s for me,” he was quoted as saying.

“If I do, I’ll be back in 2020.”

It was a really tough decision but it was the right one, it was what I thought was right and I think I’m still quite proud of what I’ve done.

“What I’m doing now is doing it with my own two hands.”

Mr Cameron, who was also Prime Minister for more than two decades, left politics in the summer of 2018.

He is the longest serving UK leader to not seek a third term in office.

Mr Cameron has long been known for his controversial stance on climate change, which led to the resignation of his predecessor David Cameron.

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