How to help the Canary Islands after the deadly attack on the Canaries

The Canary Islands have reported the worst wave of flooding since the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami, killing at least 12 people and damaging more than 10,000 homes and businesses.

The Canary Islands National Disaster Mitigation Team says that a small section of the coast near the small town of Marques, in northern Canary Islands, was flooded at 8am on Sunday, with damage estimated at around £3m ($4.5m).

The town’s mayor, Jorge Alves, told the Associated Press news agency that the sea was covered with up to 20 metres of seawater, and that the town had already suffered an estimated £3.3m loss from flooding.

Alves said the storm had killed 12 people, with two more reported to have died on Tuesday.

The disaster mitigation team, known as MND, said the total cost of the storm was expected to reach about €15m ($19.3 million) and that most of the damage had been caused by erosion.

The agency said there were also reports of flooding in some areas of the island.

The islands, which were devastated by a 2011 earthquake that killed more than 300,000 people, were among the hardest hit by the tsunami that hit the Pacific island nation in April 2011.

In October 2015, the US State Department issued a travel warning for the Canary Islanders following the deaths of seven people in two separate waves of flooding.

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