Canary in a Bottle: The World’s Most Popular Chrome Canary is in Danger of Extinction

Google has finally cracked the code of how many Chrome Canaries are left on the internet.

We know the average Chrome Canarian has around 6.6 billion downloads per year.

But what we don’t know is exactly how many are left.

In a new research paper, Google researchers said they’d found that Chrome Canarians account for around half of all all Chrome users.

The paper says Chrome Canaires account for nearly a quarter of all Chrome usage in the UK, but Google doesn’t provide data on Chrome usage worldwide.

So how do we know how many people use Chrome in the country where Chrome originated?

Google’s data shows Chrome users in the U.K. account for close to 20% of the total Chrome traffic in the world, but only about 8% of Chrome users globally.

This figure is significantly higher than the rest of the world. In the U

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