The first-person-shooter canary: It’s still a game, but it’s better than you think

Canary’s Black Mesa: Combat Evolved, the first-ever VR shooter, isn’t an open-world shooter in the traditional sense, but rather a combat-based shooter in which you and your friends team up to take on waves of enemies.

The game was made for Oculus Rift, but you can now play it on the Vive.

While it’s a VR shooter in its own right, Canary has added a layer of interactivity into its combat that’s made it the first game to make the leap from a platformer to a shooter.

You’ll use your Vive controllers to interact with the world, aim, and attack with your mouse.

It’s not perfect, but this is a great first step in a game that’s slowly becoming the best VR shooter on the market.

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